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4C consult is the partner of choice for the world's leading enterprises, governments and service providers, helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective system and service to meet their customers’ growing needs.

4C consult was founded by senior executives combining Arab, African, and European experience into a successful high tech, IT and telecom consulting company. In our work, in our lives, and in our education, we have been exposed to a great variety of experiences, management approaches, business practices, and cultures, so as to now serve our clients with full dedication.

4C consult’s focus lies on activities in high tech, IT, and telecom, providing management and hands-on expertise with an outside perspective to help create and implement solutions that really work. A customer-centric, conscious business approach invokes vision, mission and operation perspectives supported by profound expertise and knowledge of client requirements.


4C consult concentrates their activities on the area of high tech, IT and telecom, providing expertise and experience with an outside perspective to help create and implement solutions that really work.

4C consult’s philosophy is based on imagination, creativity, vision, experience, and expertise, the most important qualifications the new markets and the global economy demand. 4C consult combines Arab know-how with African spirits and European expertise.

4C consult’s base is located in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, but our consulting activities are limited only by our enthusiasm.

In our work, in our lives and in our education, we have been exposed to a great variety of challenges, management approaches, business practices, and cultures and now we serve our clients with full dedication.


4C consult’s team supports a broad range of services focusing on ICT and high-tech projects as well as different partnerships, and satisfaction goes much beyond delivery.

General Management

4C consult’s management consulting includes practices to help organizations to improve performance through analysis of existing business, and development of future plans. Sometimes, there are road blocks: critical and financial decisions that require advice from outside sources. The 4C consult business management consulting offers a solid foundation of experience and expertise.

General Management Services

  • Strategic planning for managers and investors
  • Specifying and achieving joint goals and objectives
  • Case studies, business plans and research projects
  • Interim management for start-up businesses
  • Support for companies which need changes in their business
  • Change management for turnaround situations

Business Development

Whether to start up, expand, or build up a business, or during re-organizations, between hires, or during illness or parental leaves, no organization can afford to see its performance decline due to temporary unavailability of its marketing resources. 4C consult can instantly take over the responsibilities to ensure a seamless transition period. Passionate marketer with hands-on expertise, experience in different business or industrial environments like for IT, telecom and high tech on national and international levels.

Business Development Services

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Management
  • Market Research

Engineering - Consulting

4C consult offers tailor-made consulting services including specifications, implementation plans, technology viability and time to delivery, as well as investment costs and operation expenses. Our expertise and experience is the base for realistic goals and milestones from conception and deployment up to implementation. Strategic planning is supported from breakthrough strategies up to performance improvement.

Engineering Consulting Services

  • What is possible and practical?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is necessary for the implementation?
  • What are the costs/advantages for implementation versus waiting?
  • How can growth and change be supported?
  • What is necessary to make it useable?

Project Management

4C consult’s project management services include planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve agreed goals. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while taking constraints into account. It's important to engage the project manager early in the project process, to work with all the parties involved and to understand their perspectives and requirements.

Project Management Services

  • Strategic planning for managers and investors
  • Specifying and achieving joint goals and objectives
  • Case studies, business plans and research projects
  • Interim management for start-up businesses
  • Support for companies which need changes in their business
  • Change management for turnaround situations


Richard Pollak

Richard Pollak, CEO & Founder, Eng. & Commercial Counselor

Richard graduated from the Technical College TGM Vienna in telecoms and electronics, and finished a General Manager at the Austrian Hernstein Institute. As a general manager, he provides the strategic vision and leadership to drive sales, operational processes, productivity, efficiency and bottom-line improvements at multi-cultural organizations. Richard’s diplomatic personality, combined with his ability to set and achieve goals, manage multiple projects without compromise to quality is one of his major success factors. Richard was instrumental in founding several companies and provides more than 40 years’ expertise in telecom, IT, and high tech as project manager, chief executive officer, chief of supervisory boards, business developer and executive consultant.

Ali Gassim Assiri

Ali Gassim Asiri, MBA, Eng. Executive Partner

Ali graduated from the University of Rockville, USA, with an MBA in project management and electrical engineering, and with a diploma for Electrical Science in Riyadh. Ali is a result-oriented and focused executive, offering fresh insight and passion for innovation with proven records of achieving, envisioning, and leading large-scale technology projects for the corporate and private sectors. His success story has been started in SABIC, working for different companies as manager; for SAP, for site implementation and administration, and as project manager.

Sherif Nasr

Sherif Nasr, BA, Executive Partner

Sherif graduated from the Minufia University, Egypt as Bachelor of Arts in Geography Science. Sherif is an experienced professional with a successful career in banking, contracting, sales development and administration. As an entrepreneur and as co-owner with ElMasrya - export and import, InveSco LaSalle Holding and Investment Ltd he provides an extensive range of expertise and experience. Via PetroSsam FZC he is involved in oil trading as well. Sherif has a certification for Portfolio management and investment funds by the Egyptian Central Bank. Beside his entrepreneurial approach he provides a full range of banking expertise like Islamic Sharia Banking, Takaful system program, CRM systems, business objects enterprise reporting. In addition, he provides expertise in retail banking, accounts opening, operation and management of risks, anti-money laundering, mortgages and fixed deposits.

Matthias Bruck

Matthias A. Bruck, MA, Executive Partner

Matthias graduated from the University Champaign-Urbana in Illinois, USA, the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Cheng Chi university in Taipei, China, in intercultural management. He was awarded with degrees in Change Management and as a Harvard Negotiation Facilitator. Matthias provides the operational experience and leadership to drive businesses in multi-cultural environments. Matthias’ success is based on diplomatic negotiation skills as well as profound business development know-how, added to the ability to set and achieve goals, and to manage multiple projects with clear focus on quality. Matthias has more than 35 years of experience in international business, being instrumental in restructuring companies within big corporate structures as well as successfully founding several companies within and outside Europe.


4C consult´s goal is the success and satisfaction of their clients, achieved through competence, experience, expertise, quality, a fair price performance ratio and cross functional team work - enclosed some reference examples.


Since 2012- 4C consult develops Cloud Banking in cooperation with local banks to provide everyinhabitant in a country with mobile operator independent bank accounts with highest security and ease of use. More information will be send on request

Please send us a mail.

2013 - 2014 - 4C consult develops a holistic FFTH concept for d-Light in the city of Vienna - more...


September 2012 - Vienna Multimedia Center, 4C consult is the major driver for world leading technology combining internet and Net Top Pc on TV - more...


January 2009 - Mecca Smart City Conference, 4C consult presents the newest ICT strategies for Smart Cities - more...


October 2008 - Riyadh Saudi Government Officials attended an Austrian e-Government workshop, organized by 4C consult - more...



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